Floating Portraits 漂う肖像写真

The 59Rivoli open in 1999 is an artist squat and exhibition place in center of Paris. Since, that place have invited numorous japanese artist to work inside.


Floating portraits (or 漂う肖像写真 in japanese) is an evolutive video project who present, with personals stories of this japaneses artists, the links created years by years beetween the 59Rivoli and Japan.


And today this relationship is celebrated every years in Okayama at the festival entitled Misaki Art Worl who takes place in Japan.


This video project is a Gaspard Delanoe's project.


Realised by Gaspard Delanoe (texte and audio) and Roxanne Ait Taouit (image and montage) 2018-2019.


© 2019 Roxanne Ait Taouit. Copyright.

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